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The lone warrior

The lone warrior

Ninja was historically an elite warrior group who performed its mission either in small groups or alone. Their mission was, in most cases, about pure intelligence, ordered by one of the more prominent Samurai families. There were a variety of clans either employed by any Samurai family or the clan freelancers and hired their warriors to virtually anyone to infiltrate or perform so-called assassination. In comparison with today's modern warriors, it may be right to look at various elite units such as the American Navy Seal, and Special Forces, Russian Spetsnaz and the Swedish Amphibian Corps elite, alternatively CIA, Mossad and other intelligence organizations who like to hide their field of operational activities.

Working under such conditions where one's own death was most likely each time they was commissioned requires of course a special "mind set" and training just like today's field-operative units. To work alone and many times completely without backup in an environment where discovered was equal during that time a violent and painful death of course required a very special man or woman. Just the training itself, like today's elite warrior, was something that not everyone managed.

The great difference between today's and those days Japanese warriors is that today's warriors is trained to work as a unit, a group with all the same undergraduate education topped with the special warrior’s specialties. At the same time, the basic philosophy is to ensure as much as possible the group's ability to survive its mission. In feudal Japan, one honoured the ability of the individual warriors and losing a fight, this was considered as degrading for the warrior himself as well as for his family. The humiliation of a loss could be revoked by a ritual suicide. The Bushido Code that ruled the way of thinking and living of most warriors abolished all thoughts of personal survival. It was the mission and loyalty to its leader that was all of value and significance.

Today's field operating units also have access to all possible communication and intelligence technologies, as well as weapons that can be used at a distance all while the single ninja warrior really was alone on his mission, had to make decisive tactical decisions based entirely on what he or she was looked ahead. There was also no Geneva convention that protected the warrior in the event of a capture, the warrior knew that it would mean a painful death like boiling in oil and other out studied ways of executing a person. Consequently, the consequence is that it is better to take the close combat fight even in a situation where you were completely inferior, hoping to die quickly but glorious directly than to deteriorate in a long-lasting death camp during torture.

The attitude of die is also a big difference between warriors now and now. I most fall so affects the warrior's attitude towards his own death of religions, that is, what happens after the man left the earth's life. As in the case of the Nordic Viking, it was ok to die in battle with the sword in hand when you automatically landed in Valhalla, which was the optimal place to "live" in dying of the age of sleep or of illness lying in bed was with other words nothing to wish for and not worth a warrior. To die for the Emperor in Japan who was the son of the sun, and by that, the warrior could unite with the good demon warriors and their ancestors in a believed spirit world. This was the ideal for the Japanese warrior, which was the prerequisite of feudal Japan but also the key to the creation of the notorious suicide bombers, Kamikaze during World War II. Kamikaze 神 風 the word literally means "divine wind", in Japan called Tokubetsu Kōgekitai 特別 攻 撃 队, which implicitly refers to a religion.

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