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  Here we present news and information from Ronin Ryu Dojo International, Turkey and Sweden  

New common embroidered club badge

By the end of 2017 it was decided that Ronin Ryu Dojo would clean up among our badges for Gi and other profile clothes. Now from 2018, one badge applies to all styles within Ronin Ryu Dojo. The badge will be available for sale in the respective Dojo by August 2018. The badge shown below is Ronin Ryu Dojo's official badge from now and should be exchanged on all Gi by September 2018. The badge is in Black, Gold and Red. 10 cm in diameter.

new logo roninryudojofacebook

Appointments 2018

From the 1st of January 2018 the following appointments was made by Grandmaster Jörgen Lindberg for Turkey

Serdar Kaleli Ankara was appointed as Shihanke Turkey. This means that Shihanke Serdar Kaleli is the Cheifinstructor for all dojo in Turkey. Serdar Kaleli has more then 20 years experience from Martial arts. Berk Karadeniz Ankara was appointed as Dai Shihan Ankara. This means that Dai Shihan Berk Karadenis is the cheifinstructor for all dojos in Ankara. Berk Karadeniz is one of the people who has been around since the start of Ronin Ryu Dojo in Turkey together with Shihanke Serdar Kaleli. All dojos in Turkey is organized under the association Ronin Ryu Japon Tarihi & Kültür DerneğiA big congratulations to these both, as in all aspects, meets Ronin Ryu Dojo's focus, principles and values.

 Shihanke Turkey
Serdar Kaleli
Dai Shihan Ankara 
Berk Karadeniz


On January 27th, we celebrate Ronin Ryu Dojo International's 10th year anniversary in Ankara Turkey.

In 2008, the first Ronin Ryu Dojo was established in Kastamonu, located in northern Turkey, just north of Ankara near the Black Sea. Since then, another 5th dojo has started in Ankara. Turkey has since then produced a number of black belt instructors, and in 2018 Turkey's first female black bellman is expected in art of  Ronin Ryu Ninjutsu. Previously, Turkey has a female black belt in the art of  Nin Chi Godai, in the form of Nihal Lindberg, who also has been a major support in the development of the aart as an educational psychologist. Previously, current and new students are welcome to attend the Jubilee, conducted as a 3-hour Tai Kai (training camp) in Ankara.


9 dan in Ninpo Goshinjutsu

In August 2017, our Ronin Ryu Dojo Grandmaster Jörgen Lindberg was honored with the 9th grade black belt in the style Ninpo Goshinjutsu from Soke Bo.F.Munthe during a visit to Stockholm. Soke Bo.F.Munthe is also called "The father of the European Ninjutsu" when he was the first to bring Bujinkan into Sweden and Europe. The equivalent in the United States is Steven Hayes. Sensei Lindberg sees it as a great honor to be graded by a Swedish icon when it comes to Ninjutsu and all the other styles that Soke Bo.F.Munthe represents.

mutejinenryu 9dan diploma jorgen

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