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Ronin Ryu Dojo Special Test

Within Ronin Ryu Dojo, we use two special test for some of the higher black belt ranks.

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"Saki" Test

For 5th dan we use within Ninjutsu the traditional "Saki" test, which is a high level sensitivity test performed with a bokken (wooden sword). A strike against the students head from behind. The student should feel the intent from the striker and role away to the side to be approved. Soke Hatsumi developed this test within Bujinkan. Witness during this test are other students from 5th dan and above.


RRD "Chow" Test

From 7th dan we apply our own RRD "Chow" test anytime between 7 and 9th dan A breaking point test of the student physical condition or mental stability or these two at the same time. On top of this the student need skills with three different weapons/tools. The test is named after Gregory Chow who created a breaking point test for material in 1960. We use this test to make sure that higher rank students do not get lazy and still take good care of their bodies and health. The test is going on for 1 hour or more depending on the students shape and condition, the idea is to reach the mental braking point for the student physical performance and force the student to continue anyway. This test form for martial artist is developed by sensei Jörgen Lindberg in order to keep a high quality on all Ronin Ryu Dojo instructors but also to create a warrior mind set. The correct mind set in a real kumite situation is of most importance and an essential part of a warriors training in order to come out on the top from a fight. The correct mind set and self-knowledge also gives the student the tool to handle danger, fear and pain. Danger is very real but fear is a choice, a product of our own imagination for something that has not happen yet or never will happen. The correct mind set helps the student to stay in the present and don’t get lost in an imaged future.

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